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Types of Slots: Different types of video slots

 There are many ways in which one can divide the difference in slot machines, here we will divide them into categories to suite our slots guides, thus helping you navigate our website better. Here is how we divide the different kinds of slots one can find at the online casinos:

 Types of slots by reel

 This is what we consider the best way to separate the various video slots you can encounter at the Canadian internet casinos. In its basis, the slots can be divided into: three-reel slots, five-reel slots and slots with more than five reels. The three-reel slots are the simplest and most basic of video slots. While some of them may offer bonus features and multiple payout lines (and even jackpots), the general rule dictates that most of them will simply be of the “one-armed bandit” style. They will often have just one pay line (the one in the middle) and a rather small pay table. On the plus side, this type of slots do not require large bets (sometimes as small as 1 cent) and the top prize is generally thousands of times the original wager.

 But the real fun begins with the 5-reel slots. While the wager the player must place is generally larger than the one for the 3-reel slots, the 5-reel slots is where the big wins come. This type of slots generally offer 20+ pay lines with a large payout table and in addition – the vast majority of them will have at least one bonus feature, such as free spins or another award. Those bonus features are the best way to win big when play slots, therefore the 5-reel video slots are the ones we most recommend at the online casinos.

 And then there are the video slots some Canadian online casinos offer, which have more than five reels . While players can win really big there, the wager required to play is generally large. In addition, with so many reels and lines it becomes hard, even impossible, to track the progress of the game, which could be no fun for some players. But if you don't mind this – the slots with large number of reels and lines are another good type to try.


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