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How To Play Roulette

 There are many reasons why roulette is so popular among the many different casino table games and one of them is the ease of play. One can learn how to play roulette in no time and today we will do exactly that – give you a quick guide to playing roulette.

 The first thing you should take a notice of, whether you are playing at the online casinos or a land-based one, is whether the roulette table is the American version or the European version. The difference between the two is that the American roulette table will have two zeros, while the European will have just one. Why is this important – since the American roulette will have one extra slot for betting – the house edge is much bigger, almost twice as big as the European. Thus, if you have the option – always choose the European roulette. Every reputable Canadian online casino will have both options to choose from.

 By looking at the roulette table, you will realize that it consists of two “areas”, one filled with numbers from 0 to 26 and then there are the betting options outside the numbers. Placing a bet on the numbers is referred to as “inside bet”, while the rest of the possible wagers are called “outside bets”.

Making the roulette inside bet

 You can make an inside bet by placing your chips either directly on top of a number of your choosing or you can try to improve your odds of winning (albeit with smaller payout) by placing a simultaneous wager on two, three, four or six numbers. One can do this by placing the chips on the line between two numbers, effectively making a wager on either one of those numbers to come out, by placing the chips on the outer most line in a row (three number bet), by placing the chips on the cross made by four adjacent numbers (four number bet) or by placing it on the outer most junction of two rows (six number bet).

Placing an outside bet

 The outside bets in roulette, on the other side, are quite self explanatory. At every decent roulette table the betting options will be actually written right on the table. For example, you can place a wager on whether the ball will stop on a red number or black number. Those bets are indicated by the words “red” and “black”. Similarly, if you want to place a bet on the number to be “odd” - simply place your chips on the rectangle marked by the word “odd”. The outside bets have generally better odds of winning, but naturally pay out less. As you can see, learning how to play roulette is not that hard at all. If you want to learn some advanced roulette strategies, please refer to our guides main page.


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