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Progressive Slots – how do they work

 One can often hear the news that a player has won a very large progressive jackpot at one of the online casinos. If you have ever wondered how the internet casinos are being sable to offer jackpots in the millions and yet still be in business after people win them all the time – your answer is here. The progressive jackpots, which by the way are also available at many of the land-based casinos, are unlike any other jackpot the online casinos offer. The often reach in the millions of dollars, while some even start at the million dollar mark. Winning one of those is a guarantee to become an instant millionaire. So how do the progressive slots work?

 It's really rather simple. The developer of the software for the online casino decides on which slots will offer a progressive jackpot. Often those slots are not unique, i.e. you can find the same slot machine at the same casino, but without the progressive jackpot as a top prize. Once the progressive slots have been selected, the developer decides on the amount of the wager each spin will require. That's right, unlike most of the slots at the online casinos, the progressive jackpot slots have only one wagering option, for example $1 per spin. The players cannot change this and must wager $1 per spin if they want to play the progressive slot machine.

 Once those progressive slots are made available to the online casinos powered by that specific gambling software developer, a small portion of each wager made at each online casino is set aside and is added to the pool, i.e. the jackpot. The more people play the progressive slots, the higher the jackpot climbs (hence the term “progressive”), until such time as one of the players win the jackpot. Once this is done, the jackpot is reset to its starting amount and it begins all over again.

 As you can see – it's a win-win situation for both the online casinos and the players. The online casinos are able to offer an enormous amount of money at some slots, without having to pay the large amount out of their pockets. Remember that a small portion of each bet goes to the progressive jackpot pool, which is shared by many online casinos. And at the same time the players are given the opportunity to win millions while wagering miniscule amounts.

 And since the progressive slots are using the same random number generator as used by the rest of the casino – the chances of winning the progressive jackpot are not by any means smaller than those of winning the top price at other slots at the internet casinos. As a matter of fact, there have been a couple of occasions where the same progressive jackpot has been won twice at the same slot machine, although the second winner naturally got much less money, since the jackpots reset after win. So if you want a shot at the largest price of the online casino, yet you don't want to risk too much – go with the progressive slots.


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